My New Novel!

BLIND RUNNING is a suspense/crime thriller that follows the journey of Travis McQueen searching for a new beginning and peace of mind in a changed homeland that he left years earlier.

Travis decides it is time for change, after being discharged from the Army with a pocket full of medals and a bum arm earned in the mountains of Afghanistan. He returns to forge a new life in his hometown of Croxton, in rural Appalachia Kentucky. As he reconnects with himself, friends, family, and a past love interest, the harsh realities of murder, drugs, and corruption is realized. Dangers similar to the ones that he left in the war zone are right in his hometown.

After discovering the body of his love interest’s teenage daughter and witnessing a multitude of criminal activities, he must decide on who to trust and how to handle the situation. The rekindled relationship with the teenager’s mother and Travis’ moral fabric adds emotional and vested interest in finding out who is responsible for everything. Eventually, Travis learns that the county sheriff, who is his brother, is deeply involved. This tests Travis’ loyalty, integrity, and personal courage. In the end, a twist of fate saves Travis’ life and serves out justice.